Video Calling apps for “Work from Home”

Long ago, video calling was a big deal. You needed to spend a lot of money, schedule time in special rooms with special equipment and if you wanted to reach the other side of the world, it would possible involve satellites!

Now days, it is easy, cheap and quick to make a video call with people in different locations in other side of the world.

There are some useful options to consider when video calling at times you are working from home.


As limited to Apple devices, it might be sometimes hard to use consistently with different colleagues or clients who may not be able to access an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

If the people you are trying to video call, are using Apple devices then it is, a better user experience than WhatsApp, and because of the desktop/laptop clients, that can be used on Mac, or even on iPad, the experience is good enough to be used in meetings.

It is not possible to have people “call in” to a meeting.

Google Hangouts

It works on nearly all devices, most people have a Google account and for most, it is free. The drawback of this solution for you are 1) That I find the video is not consistent and often the audio and video are not sync and 2) in the workplace, many people prefer not to give you their Gmail account.


Although video and audio quality can be quite variable and the experience can be quite inconsistent with multiple people on the call. WhatsApp is probably the best choice for a spontaneous call with those who might be out and about and not expecting your call.

Because it is mobile-friendly, it hasn’t proven to be a useful tool for more structured or official team calls/meetings which might be held using laptops or in meeting rooms.


You won’t spend long on Skype. The video quality is often poor and you will give up on it soon. Skype recently launched a new no-sign up free meeting solution

Microsoft Teams replaced Skype for Business and is actually pretty good. But it is quite expensive I you will always have difficulties including people who don’t already use Microsoft Teams.


Zoom is by far the best option you can find. The free version is great for one to one calls, the video and audio quality are superb. The free version allows you to have group conversations of up to 100 participants, but the time is limited to 40 minutes. Contact Amir Khademi, In case you need more info. Or request.

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